Super Yacht Provisions

A fresh local approach to superyacht provisioning.


Here at Mr Moo we really believe in local fresh produce (SPAIN) being the backbone of exceptional yacht provisioning, whilst knowing that everything still needs to be possible. We use our understanding of the products, Chef and Interior time constraints AND the Industry to provide the best of the best, helping to reduce the stress of all those who work with us. These are just some of the reasons that make our super yacht provisioning service stand out.

Let us reduce the stress of your busy season.


One of the easiest items to source but one of the hardest to find of quality, but that’s what we do!

We select our suppliers carefully. Our meat and poultry is selected, tasted, tested and put through its paces. We do this to ensure you all receive the best and freshest produce. All vaccum packed and labelled carefully for easy storage or immediate use.


It can be so easy to get this wrong. We have taken literally years to find the best suppliers, but we don’t stop there…..we also find new distributors for our suppliers so we can stay ahead of the game.

Weather its fresh or frozen fish we are able to source the best products everytime.


We hand check every order so you don’t have to!

How many times have you had a delivery only to notice several items just not up to standard? Mouldy berries, squashed tomatoes or poor tasting produce are not something you should ever expect.  Working with our sister company Caterfood ( we don’t provide cheap flavourless fruit or vegetables from some countries, it’s local when possible and always full of flavour.


With our extensive range of local and international suppliers we can source a vast range of special products to meet our client demands, whether its Wagyu from Japan or Angus From America, we can source any gourmet product that is available in the world! And this is not just restricted to meats but via our sister company Caterfood we can source the most exotic of fruit & vegetables and fresh fish, bakery, spices & dry good items.


We understand that sometimes visits can be quick to Gibraltar for fuel and provisions so we offer a 24 Hour delivery service so we can meet our super yacht customers needs.  For orders/enquiries please email us at or call us on +350 200 63435